The Coniglio's Cuisine

To the guests in my lair, I propose recipes of the Milanese cuisine —the real one— and a bit more because Italy sports a variegated cooking repertoire.

Regarding the ingredients, I select genuine seasonal products chosen among producers of the highest quality. Some examples? My risotto is obtained with pure saffron; I use only a young cow's shin to prepare the braised veal marrowbone, my tagliatelle and pappardelle are rigorously homemade; for the polenta I use the yellow flour from Storo with a slow and long cooking time. For cold cuts I prefer the real heavyweight Pagano pig raised for 24 months by Maxima XXL Salumeria and fed with no Gmo cereals until a weight of over 300 kilograms.

I like to change and vary the menu, always offering tasty dishes, and sometimes new ones.

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Not only meat

For people that prefer seafood, I make an effort to guarantee their satisfaction: I purchase the fish that I like myself and I prepare it with the ingredients of the day.

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The partners

A lot like trust, that must go both ways, I'm proud of having cultivated strong relationship with selected suppliers. Some are listed below and have been chosen for their natural and genuine products, exactly as I like them, because otherwise I wouldn't dream of serving them to the guests of my lair.