Welcome in my Lair

If you are looking for a honest an sincere tavern to experience a trip in the flavors of the Milanese cuisine and a little beyond that, you have come in the right place.

At the Al Coniglio Bianco, cooking is a really serious thing! I'm Giampiero, your host, and I place my hands and ears to guarantee everything that is tasted in my lair: from the recipes with genuine ingredients to the natural wine like the earth where it comes from; exaltation of the palate to be consumed among friends.

During winter and autumn, my lair is a warm and welcoming space along the side of the Naviglio Grande in Milan, while in summer or spring there is a relaxing dehors close to the major walk space of the Naviglio Grande in Milano.

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A Lot More than just Milanese Cuisine

Italy has an excellent cooking tradition.

In my lair, I care that every recipe is prepared as it should, eventually enriched by the best fruits of the sea or the earth. The ingredients are genuine, seasonal and sometimes even sophisticated but always of high quality.

And what about the wine? Wine is my passion; we drink it, it makes us talk but most of all we should talk about it. That's why I suggest the best matching between this nectar, fruit of the sun and the earth, and the dishes so that the resulting combinations might reach the full expression of the nature; the Land.

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