The Coniglio Bianco's Lair

My lair is a safe heaven from the tumultuous sides of the Naviglio Grande in Milano but it's not just a quiet tavern: I like to offer my guests the experience of a "tasting bar" and a place for conversation.

My lair is warm and welcoming and in its architectonics features it conserves the history and the tradition of Milan and in particular those of the city center. The furniture is comfortable but essential because rather than focusing on the finery I prefer to dedicate my attention to the menu and the excellence in the kitchen and the wines.

Savor my cuisine

The exterior de hors

During spring and summertime, I like to welcome my guests in the exterior de hors. I have a very open relationship with my guests: please look for me, ask a suggestion, let's talk about the wine and the food and give me a feedback, good or even bad if needed, but always sincere.