The cellar

As I do for the menu, I put extra energy in the careful wine's selection and the matching with the food. I love wine, I adore it. We drink wine and it makes us talk but rather we should talk about wine.

The vine absorbs the sun's and the ground's energy and expresses them in the wine. For that reason I believe that choosing a wine is also a matter of humor: maybe I want something easy or maybe I want to reward myself with an important bottle. So, in my cellar, I often change the mix. Of course there is a stable selection of wines preferred by my guests but wineries change.

I listen to every producer and I'm always available if the product is worthy of the attention. I look for new wines to distinguish myself from the others, because in my lair I want a strong relationship between the wine, the food and nature: an expression of spontaneity.

I would like for my guests to feel the value (and taste) of the "Land" and make sue that they feel at home, ehm... lair.

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